The company's mission

Surdofon - creating a comfortable environment for communication and development of people whose native language is sign language .

In the world there are more than 2 million people for whom native language - a language of gestures. Unfortunately, such people today have a hard time : the familiar for most actions , like talking on a cell , consultation with a doctor or a shop , watching TV , getting modern education - all this is very difficult for deaf people. In this case the main problem is the barrier of communication - sign language outside the narrow circle of friends and relatives of the deaf person nobody has .

Purpose Surdofon - create modern means of communication for the deaf and hard of hearing people need to communicate , education and development .

Surdophone TV

"Surdofon TV" - software for TV studios, designed for automatic computer sign language telecasts .

"Surdofon TV" news editor allows video editors and TV studio promptly prepare visuals and subtitles to accompany the sign language produced TV content . In this interpretation services provided by computer avatar, without the participation of professional sign language interpreter .

especially on "Surdofon TV":

  • Ensuring full broadcast TV audience for the deaf and hard of hearing viewers
  • Savings TV studio by abandoning the premises equipment , equipment jobs and attracting scarce specialist interpreters
  • Creating an accessible environment for people with disabilities, in accordance with the Federal Law № 181-FZ of the Russian Federation and the State program "Accessible Environment"



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